Our Approach

The Stillwater Treatment Centre is a private residential facility offering treatment for alcohol and substance abuse. Our addiction treatment is client-focused and our approach is holistic and individualized in nature. 

Our goal is to successfully treat individuals suffering from addiction in an authentic, caring, dignified and consistent manner using proven techniques that deliver measurable results.

Our approach to treating addiction is to focus on the whole individual - mind, body and spirit.  We teach mindfulness, self-awareness, and reflection and believe exercise and nutrition are essential elements to healing. 

Our personalized care extends to family and loved ones as we understand that addiction impacts them as well. Friends and family are not only are a source of knowledge to aid in the treatment but also a source for support and can provide much needed structure after treatment. 

By using proven techniques, we focus on the individual and his/her needs and treat clients for not only the addiction but the issues that are linked to addiction. We focus our energy on making sure that our residential treatment centre offers our clients the highest possible standards of care on the road to recovery. And we do it in an ideal location for privacy and in an environment that has the comforts of home. 


We offer a diverse variety of addiction treatment options. Our compassionate staff aids in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction through the use of cutting edge methods such as individual counselling, group therapy, couples' counselling, family counselling, structured relapse prevention planning, life skills, CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing, 12-step and other areas of psychiatry to providing an active experience with activities such as yoga and fitness training.


The Stillwater Difference

Addiction treatment is largely unregulated and the landscape is littered with poorly run, half empty facilities that make outrageous claims of success and provide hope but quite literally deliver devastation.  The only regulation is one of self-regulation where the only fact that you can rely on is a facility's reputation.  Unfortunately, there are very few that have a good reputation. At Stillwater, we are very conscious of the need to provide quality service where care is delivered in an authentic, dignified, consistent and measured manner by trained counsellors.

Our private rehabilitation services attract clients from all over Canada as they seek privacy in their treatment process. Oftentimes, addiction unfairly becomes stigmatized, and private rehab gives clients the ability to handle their addiction discreetly and away from distractions and, most importantly, temptations. Private rooms and individual therapy allow clients to focus on their own specific additions problems in a safe space where they feel they can adequately explore all issues surrounding their addictions.

Through our close attention to developing a customized treatment plan for each client with equal attention paid to the aftercare of the client, we guarantee that the client will be able to develop lifelong strategies to maintain their recovery. We deliver our programs specifically with relapse prevention in mind, which sets us apart from other rehab programs.

Investment in private rehab provides the best chance for lifelong recovery. Our methods are proven to not only provide clients with the support through the rehab process, but also to allow them the satisfaction of knowing our support extends well into their future.

At the Stillwater Centre we pride ourselves in offering our clients the latest in drug rehab treatments including emotional and psychological support for our clients and their families.

We cater specifically to a very vulnerable portion of the population struggling with addiction and concurrent mental health issues. We also treat a wide range of behavioral addictions and underlying mental health issues that may be at the root cause of your addiction.


Founded on The Principal That Treating Alcohol and Drug Addiction Requires Treating The Underlying Mental Health Issues Fueling The Addiction

Each addiction treatment plan is catered to the client by our team of multidisciplinary clinicians who adapt their plan based on the individual needs of each client.

When a client completes the intensive rehab program, we encourage some degree of aftercare (depending on the client) to offer long-term support and guidance. We will continue to provide the care needed even after clients leave our centre through direct or video conference interactions.

Art Therapy is a hands-on approach to drug rehab therapy that allows clients to create works of art while in the presence of a therapist and undergoing a dialogue about their issues and concerns. This allows the client to experience a deeper understanding of themselves and their underlying issues that have led to addiction.

Yoga is another healing, holistic method that seeks to maintain inner balance and open the client up to new and exciting experiences on their road to recovery. This type of yoga also has both physical and mental healing qualities for those who may be suffering from negative health effects due to addiction and substance abuse.

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